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Poster for web
Jefferson School and Newcomb Hall

OCTOBER 17 - 18, 2018

emancipation banner
UVA Rotunda

SEPTEMBER 29, 2018

sustainability summit
Newcomb Hall

OCTOBER 27-30, 2018

Exhibit flyer
Harrison-Small Main Gallery

JULY 26, 2018 - JANUARY 4, 2019


Monticello 2018

JANUARY 1 - DECEMBER 31, 2018 - Come see the place where it all began! As the University of Virginia celebrates its 200th birthday, students, faculty and staff are invited to come see the place where their University was born at special rates.

Exhibit flyer

JULY 26, 2018 - JANUARY 4, 2019 - A Bicentennial exhibition celebrating the history of health care at the University of Virginia, where you can learn more about the story of scientific accomplishments, advances in public health, social transformation, and technological evolution that has unfolded over the last 200 years at UVA.

emancipation banner

SEPTEMBER 29, 2018 - Lincoln-signed copies of both the Emancipation Proclamation and 13th Amendment and a document handwritten by Frederick Douglass will be exhibited in the Rotunda. Reflecting on these historic documents, a discussion will explore emancipation in history and memory.

Poster for web

OCTOBER 17 - 18, 2018 - The two-day UVA Bicentennial Symposium will engage scholars and the University and Charlottesville community to more greatly understand the past in order to more fully envision the future of our food system.

sustainability summit

OCTOBER 27 - 30, 2018 - UVA will host a pan-University Bicentennial Sustainability Leadership Summit to showcase the breadth of UVA’s interdisciplinary work in the multi-faceted realm of sustainability, and to collaboratively envision UVA’s longer-term role as a global sustainability leader.

Songs of Virginia Songbook

2018-19 ACADEMIC YEAR – UVA University Singers and music professor Michael Slon will produce a new edition of the Songs of the University of Virginia.