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Summarize the project in approximately 100 words or less
Identify the full cost of the project, the amount of the request, and the source and amount of additional funding
Format (e.g. 1,000)
Detailed description that expands upon the executive summary, provides a breakdown of how the funds will be used, and identifies which critical area of bicentennial planning the project addresses: Commemoration of our History, Engagement and Promotion, and/or Envision the Future
Describe impact of the project. What outcomes do you anticipate as a result of this effort?
Projected Start and End Dates
Empty 'End date' values will use the 'Start date' values.
Format: 02/23/2019
Format: 02/23/2019
How do you know if you are reaching your project goal described above? Please note specific indicators of success.

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Project Director

(School, Unit, CIO, etc.)
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Proposals must include the approval of the director or comparable head of the organization

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